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The New Standard in EV Batteries

A Startup Based in New Orleans


Meet SoBa Energy


Solid Battery Energy (SoBa Energy) is a US based company that develops all-solid-state lithium and lithium ion batteries using a proprietary hybrid composite electrolyte and/or proprietary high energy metal based oxide and fluorine cathodes. These batteries are expected to improve safety and energy density and revolutionize the rechargeable battery industry. As a start-up company located in the heart of New Orleans (The Big Easy), SoBa Energy’s goal is to become the leading battery manufacturer in the world.

Challenging Problems

A solid-state battery requires a cathode, a solid electrolyte, and an anode. Solid electrolytes enable the use of Li metal (3862 mAh/g) anode which can store more capacity than the state-of-the-art anode material (Graphite, 372 mAh/g). A solid electrolyte also enables safer rechargeable battery systems due to several factors, including the absence of flammable organic liquid electrolytes that are used in commercial lithium ion batteries. Solid electrolyte prevents the formation of lithium dendrites and their penetration to the cathode side which can cause a fire and that is a key concern with the safety and long term cyclability with the current technology. With a solid electrolyte, the battery will be leak-proof and will, therefore, enable the use of new packaging concepts, which would further improve the specific energy of the system.

The Solution

Our highly stable proprietary hybrid electrolyte enables the use of lithium metal as an anode. The SoBa Energy electrolyte prevents the formation of lithium dendrites and has a 99.999% Coulombic efficiency. SoBa Energy is working on several prototypes of all-solid-state lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries with high density cathodes.

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